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The Chief Marketing Office serves as the central authority for state marketing activity and the “steward of the Vermont brand.” We support marketing and outreach activities within individual state agencies and departments by providing strategic expertise and tactical support. If you’re a state employee new to marketing, or new to state government, and you have marketing responsibility, we can help.  So let’s get started!

State of Vermont Brand Standards

Presenting our materials with a common and consistent look and feel reinforces the Vermont brand and allows the public to immediately recognize a State of Vermont communication. The CMO can also answer questions on how the State of Vermont brand assets can and cannot be used -- so be sure to start any marketing project with a review of our brand standards.

State of Vermont BRAND STANDARDS and Style Guide
Policies for SPONSORSHIPS and Endorsements
What is the Vermont Brand? Review the RESEARCH.

Contracting for Marketing Services

If you’re planning a marketing or outreach project and you need outside help, the CMO can help you decide if a Master Marketing Contractor or a Pre-Qualified Marketing Vendor might be the best fit. We have master contracts in place for Creative Services, Media Buying and Photography available to all state entities and can provide some guidance on navigating the RFP and contracting process.

SHOULD I USE a Marketing Master Contractor or a Pre-Qualified Marketing Vendor?
What is the PROCESS for Contracting for Professional Marketing Services?
Where can I find the Marketing Master Contractors for CREATIVE SERVICES?
Where can I find the Marketing  Master Contractor for MEDIA BUYING?
Where can I find the Marketing Master Contractors for PHOTOGRAPHY?
Where can I find the FORMS for working with Marketing Master Contracts?

In-House Creative Services

The CMO supports outreach and marketing activities within individual state agencies and departments by providing strategic expertise (marketing planning) and tactical support (graphic design, copywriting, etc.). We can provide some ‘in-house’ creative services, act as a consultant on your project, or we can refer you to an outside contractor if needed. 

Looking for GRAPHIC DESIGN support? We may be able to help.
Do you have a MARKETING PLAN that defines your goals and includes metrics to gauge success?
Ready for a new WEBSITE? We can guide you through the steps it takes.

State of Vermont Shared Marketing Resources

Look at our Marketing Resouces section to find a collection of helpful guidance documents and frequently-requested contract forms, as well as access to the state's shared image library and tradeshow materials available to borrow.

Access our library of state-owned PHOTOGRAPHY
Reserve TRADE SHOW MATERIALS to borrow
Find forms for working with marketing MASTER CONTRACTS

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Erin Robinson, Marketing Manager
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Image Relay Account Request Form

Tradeshow Materials Request Form

Pre-Qualified Marketing Vendor Application

Pre-Qualified Marketing Vendor List

State of Vermont Web Look and Feel Standard