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Simply is the Start marketing campaign for the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, including advertising and tradeshow booth, hanging banner, and exhibitor listing card design.

Contracting for Marketing and Creative Services

In order to ensure the quality and reliability of our marketing contractors, the CMO’s office oversees approval of marketing firms and contracts. If you’re planning a marketing or outreach project and you need outside help, please contact us. Depending on your project, we may be able to support you internally with graphic design, strategic planning or other services, or we might suggest that you hire either a Marketing Master Contractor or a Prequalified Marketing Vendor.

What’s the difference between a Marketing Master Contractor and a Prequalified Marketing Vendor? Good question.

Marketing Master Contractors are firms that have individual master contracts already in place for marketing services with the State of Vermont. The master contracts allow state entities to obtain marketing services from these firms without having to go through a full RFP process for each project. Instead, services can be obtained through a Statement of Work process. Detailed information can be found in on our Marketing Master Contracts page.

Prequalified Marketing Vendors are firms who have been ‘vetted’ by the CMO’s office and determined to be professionally competent to perform different types of creative services — but the state does not have a contract in place with those firms. If you choose to work with a prequalified vendor instead of a master contractor, you will need to draft and execute your own contract with the selected vendor.

Marketing vendors must become prequalified to bid and contract for state marketing work of any value. Learn more about different types of marketing vendors and how to work with them: