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Scenic view of Vermont

State of Vermont Brand Standards and Guidelines

The purpose of these brand standards is to maintain a uniform visual identity that enables the public to immediately recognize a State of Vermont communication. Presenting our materials in a consistent way reinforces the State of Vermont enterprise brand and establishes trust in the communication.

Contact Us

If you have questions about using State of Vermont brand assets, please contact the Chief Marketing Office.

Official Vermont Logos

Two logos have been designated to officially represent the State of Vermont.

Obtaining Logo Files

If you need an official State of Vermont logo for your marketing piece, please contact us. We can provide high-resolution image files in multiple file formats to State entities upon request, and to private organizations when the State of Vermont is a partner or sponsor.

Stationery Standards

The stationery standards established for the State of Vermont address consistent design and font specifications.

Obtaining Electronic Letterhead

State of Vermont Letterhead options are available as digital templates by request for local workstation printing and paperless distribution.

Typography Guidelines

Consistent use of State of Vermont typefaces ensures a uniform look and feel among communications and strengthens the overall visual identity of the brand.

Color Guidelines

Branding and color are directly linked because color should be used to establish an immediate message and cue specific responses. Well-chosen colors and combinations can act as visual triggers to help express the intention and purpose of a communication.

Email Signature Standards

As email is a central method of communication, we encourage all state entities to become familiar with and follow the State of Vermont Email Signature Guidance. The guidelines are in accordance with the Brand Standards and ensure that digital correspondence is uniform and recognized as official State of Vermont communications.

Web Look and Feel Standards

If you are developing a website or digital application outside of the State template, you will need to follow the Web Look and Feel Standards. The purpose of this standard is to create a consistent user experience across the enterprise.