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Various collateral for the Think Vermont marketing campaign, including overview sheet, program rack card, and display panels.

Strategic Planning

Define your Direction to Reach your Campaign Goals

Planning is a necessary component to successful marketing and outreach initiatives. A comprehensive marketing or outreach plan will clearly define your objectives, identify the target audience, articulate your messages and suggest how your messages will be distributed. Creating a plan prior to starting an outreach campaign (or the design of a brochure, purchasing media, etc.) can help you focus your efforts and resources on the best methods for achieving your goals. 

We strongly encourage each agency and department to create a communications plan. Why? There are lots of good reasons, starting with:

  • Writing down your goals helps your team agree on priorities and keeps everyone focused.
  • A plan helps you be strategic and proactive rather than reactive.

We also invite you to share your marketing plan with the CMO’s office. By sharing your plan with us, we’re able to better help you with your campaigns. Here are a few examples:

  • If you call us to design a brochure or an ad, we’re already familiar with your campaign.
  • When we’re aware of what all agencies are planning, we can identify possible connections that could benefit all parties, make communications more effective, and/or save money.
  • When we’re aware of what your agency is planning, it’s easier for us to review and approve any related marketing contracts you send our way. 

How to Get Started

If you’d like help drafting a marketing or outreach plan, we’re here to help you get started. You can set up a meeting with us to discuss how to draft a plan. We can also help you review a plan you’ve put together and offer you constructive feedback.