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Various collateral for the Think Vermont marketing campaign, including overview sheet, program rack card, and display panels.

Strategic Planning

Define your direction to reach your campaign goals

Planning is essential to any public outreach, engagement, or marketing project. Having a plan helps you reach your goals. A plan also allows you to be strategic and proactive rather than reactive. If you are working with a team, writing down your collective goals for the outreach effort will help your team agree on top priorities. Establishing a plan will also help the team stay focused throughout the rollout.

A communications or marketing plan will help you:

  • Define your overarching goal.
  • Identify the target audiences.
  • Establish your key messages.
  • Determine how to distribute these messages
  • Develop a timeline to track the rollout.
  • Evaluate success.

Loop us in

Share your marketing plans with us. It helps us understand your work and priorities better. After reading your plan, we'll be better prepared to help you with your campaign. Here are a few examples:

  • If you need us to design a brochure or another creative piece, we'll have the context for how this request fits into your campaign plan.
  • We can connect you to other state agencies and departments doing similar work.
  • When we know what you are planning, we can approve any related marketing contracts you send us.

How to get started

If you want help drafting a marketing or outreach plan, let us know. We can help. We can also help you review a plan you’ve put together and offer you constructive feedback.

  • Schedule a meeting with us to discuss how to draft a plan. We can also help you review any plans you drafted and offer you constructive feedback.
  • Use this basic template to start building your communications plan.