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Blue sky lights the nested green peaks of Mt Mansfield.



Are you looking for images to use in State of Vermont Communications? We can help!

The Chief Marketing Office maintains a collection of State-owned photography for state employees to use. This collection is stored on the State's Digital Asset Management platform, known as Bynder. If you are an employee or a marketing vendor working with a State entity and would like to access this collection of images, please complete the State of Vermont State-Owned Photography Collection Microsoft Form

Contribute to the State-Owned Photography Collection

If you are a State agency or department and have just completed a photo shoot, please consider sharing a selection of images with our Office to add to the State-Owned Photography Collection. Another department might be able to use some of your images down the road, saving Vermonters the expense of doing that same photo shoot a second time. 

Having more images to choose from in the collection benefits us all, and will also reduce the problem of certain images being ‘overused’ in State communications. We have the ability to restrict certain images — requiring specific permission for each use — if that level of control is needed. 

Please contact us if your agency or department has images they would like to add to the State-Owned Photography Collection.