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Summer dirt road with pedestrians, including walkers and bikers.

Image Library

The CMO maintains a central image library of state-owned photography — known as ‘Image Relay’ — for use by state agencies and departments in their marketing, communications, and outreach activities. This cloud-based, digital asset repository is available free of charge to all State of Vermont personnel.

Access to the library can be requested by submitting our Image Relay Account Request Form

If you already have an account, you can click here to log in to Image Relay.

Most all of the images in the collection can be used without restriction by state agencies for the purpose of education, outreach and/or promotion of the state of Vermont. However, you will need to check under “Details” once you select a particular image to confirm that no restrictions are in place before downloading. You will also be prompted on the download screen to document your “Intended Use” so the state can maintain a record of which images have been used for what purpose. 

Any images downloaded from Image Relay are to be used only once, and only for the purpose you indicate at the time of download. Images downloaded from Image Relay are not to be shared with others (either within state government or with outside partners) for other purposes.

Help Build Our Image Library

If your agency or department has just completed a photo shoot, please consider sharing what you have. Another department might be able to use some of your images down the road, saving Vermonters the expense of doing that same photo shoot a second time. Having more images to choose from in our collective library benefits us all, and will also reduce the problem of certain images being ‘overused’ in state marketing pieces. We have the ability to restrict certain images — requiring specific permission for each use — if that level of control is needed.

Please contact us if your agency or department has images to upload to Image Relay for the first time. If you need a 'how-to' refresher on image uploads, please refer to our Image Relay Upload Guidelines.

Getting Permission to Use Images

If your agency or department is planning a photo shoot, or will be taking photos at events or of projects for future use, please make sure to secure appropriate permission from any individuals in your photographs. If an individual is identifiable (could be recognized), you need to have them give you express permission to use their photograph. On the contrary, if there is 'no expectation of privacy,' such as taking photos of a crowd, or of a speaker at a public event, you would not need to get permission from everyone in that scenario.

The CMO has three distinct image release forms available for use:

The same image release forms can be used for still photographs and for video. Please provide a copy of all release forms to the CMO for our record keeping if the images are going to be uploaded to Image Relay.

Image Relay Questions: Erin Robinson;; 802-522-7915