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Making Changes to the Statement of Work

After execution of a Statement of Work Agreement, if any change in scope of a project affecting price, deliverables, or schedule is requested, the contractor and the relevant State entity shall mutually agree to the changes in writing with a Statement of Work Change Order Form

A change in the deliverables should be interpreted as a major change to the project.

Examples of a major change would be: 

  • A change to the project timeline or deadline.
  • A change to the overall budget of the project.
  • A change in the services provided to deliver the desired outcomes. (Example: the first project scope specified production of a TV ad; a revised project scope specifies production of a TV ad, YouTube videos, and radio ads.).

The Statement of Work Change Order Form needs to be fully executed by obtaining signatures from both the Master Contractor and the appropriate individual with Signing Authority in your agency/department. The Master Contractor should sign first, followed by the State entity.  

Because the project scope (in the form of an agency proposal or completed Work Request/ Project Scope Form) is used as the reference document for payment of invoices, this is the document that your business office will use to double-check invoices that come in on your project. For this reason, the “Tips on Writing your Work Request” advises that, if you would like flexibility in your project, you use an attached marketing plan to outline specific details and leave your project scope rather broad (limited to overall budget, core deliverables and timeline/deadline). This strategy will help you avoid having to make lots of changes to your project scope during the course of your project, and thus the need to execute multiple Change Orders

Revised project scope documents (agency proposal or completed Work Request/ Project Scope Forms) are negotiated between the marketing firm and the State entity. CMO or legal approval is not required per the terms of the Marketing Master Contract. Other specific Department or Agency rules may apply.

For questions regarding the need for written changes, or whether certain details should go in a Work Request, Change Order or an appended marketing plan, please contact the Chief Marketing Office at