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Instructions for Entering Information into VISION

A Master Contract cannot receive charges against it directly. Invoices received must be billed to a specific department, which is tracked using a unique, department-created sub-contract number (known as a vendor contract in VISION). A vendor (sub-) contract needs to be set-up in VISION for your department to pay for services out of your budget.  

If your marketing project involves multiple Master Contracted services (such as creative services and a media buy), these contracted services must be entered separately in VISION, in order to reference the appropriate Master Contract numbers for the appropriate service.  

It is vital when you set up that vendor (sub-) contract in VISION, that you reference the Master Contract number being used, and that you take care to reference the correct contract number (especially for creative services vs. media buys). This allows marketing expenditures to be easily tracked.  

Please also share with your business office that vendor (sub-) contracts in VISION that reference a Master Contract should be created as Purchase Order contracts and not General contracts. 

The Statement of Work Agreement and Work Request Form both include fields to enter the correct contract numbers to keep accurate records on all projects. These include: 

ACCD Master Contract Number: This is the number of the contract, listed with each vendor on the Current Marketing Master Contracts page, held by the Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) for the Chief Marketing Office between the State and each firm under Master Contract.

Vendor Contract Number: This is the number your business office will create when a new contract is entered into VISION.

VISION Vendor Number: This is the number that identifies the firm doing the work so they can get paid.

Example: The Department of Health (VDH) has a grant totaling $100,000 for a smoking-cessation marketing program. Of the total budget, the VDH spent $30,000 on development of a TV ad, and spent $70,000 on a media buy to run that ad on various TV stations.  

While all of that work was done with HMC Advertising (which holds a Master Contract for creative services work as well as the single, statewide Master Contract for media buying), that $100,000 must be entered and referenced separately in VISION ($30,000 referencing the Creative Services Master Contract number, and $70,000 referencing the Media Buying Master Contract number). This extra step is important because it allows the CMO to track marketing expenditures by type of service.  

For complete step-by-step instructions on VISION, please refer to the VISION manuals issued by the Department of Finance & Management. The documents can be downloaded online at: