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State of Vermont Brand Standards and Style Guide


State of Vermont Brand Standards & Style Guide
Wondering where to start on your next outreach project? Start with a review of the SOV Brand Standards and Style Guide! Includes examples of correct logo usage, letterhead standards, templates, and color guides.

State of Vermont Brand Standards

If you need a State of Vermont official logo for your marketing piece, please contact us. We can provide high-resolution image files in multiple file formats to any state agency upon request, and to private organizations when the State of Vermont is a partner or sponsor.

As the “steward of the Vermont brand,” part of our mission is to ensure consistency of state identity. We encourage all state entities to become familiar with the State of Vermont Brand Standards and Style Guide. The purpose of the brand standards is to bring state agencies and departments under a uniform visual identity that allows the public to immediately recognize a State of Vermont communication. We communicate with Vermonters in many ways. Presenting our materials with a common and consistent look and feel reinforces the Vermont brand and helps Vermonters understand, and feel proud of, the ways their State agencies, departments and programs function to serve them.

If you have any questions on how the State of Vermont brand assets can and cannot be used, please reach out. We are always happy to provide guidance.


If you are developing a website or digital application and choose not to use the state template, you will need to follow the state Web Look and Feel Standard. Developed by the CMO and the Agency of Digital Services (ADS), the Web Look and Feel Standard describes the minimally acceptable components that every website must include. The purpose of the standard is to aid visitors in the identification of official state websites and to promote a clear and consistent user experience across agencies, departments and programs. More information on the process for developing websites and the state web template can be found under CMO Services: Website Design and Content Strategy.


As email is a central method of communication, we encourage all state entities to become familiar with and follow the State of Vermont Email Signature Guidance. The guidelines outlined within are in accordance with the Brand Standards and Style Guide and ensure that digital correspondence are uniform and recognized as official State of Vermont communications.