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Type Settings

Typographic choices are vital to ensuring communications are visually pleasing and easy to read. Typefaces and letterforms each have their own unique design and depending upon their complexity offer different levels of readability. The two State of Vermont typefaces, Franklin Gothic and Arial, are sans serif. Fonts without serifs are simpler in form, are versatile at a variety of sizes, and can be used for headlines, body copy, captions, footnotes, and disclaimers. The minimum font size for every element of all State of Vermont communications is 12 points. 

Type Setting Tips 

  • Keep text stationary.
  • Don't use animations that make text flash.
  • Text is most accessible when it is left justified.
  • Never add text as an image.
  • Don't place type over images.
  • Use bold to emphasize text.
  • Avoid using underlines and italics to emphasize text.
  • Underlining is reserved for hyperlinks. 
  • Avoid using all caps.
  • If Franklin Gothic is selected, condensed facings are not recommended.