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Sticker designs for various departments and programs.


The table below includes links to a variety of frequently-requested forms and documents. Each column can be sorted by clicking on the column heading (e.g. category, title, etc.) to help you locate a specific document.

File Name File Category File Format
Image Relay Upload Guidelines ImageRelay-upload-guidelines_0.pdf (321.68 KB) Guide PDF
Guide to Sponsorship Agreements SOV-Sponsorship-Guidance_0_0.pdf (173.75 KB) Guide PDF
Permission to Use Photographs, Videos and/or Testimonials Photo-Video-Release-Form-Permission-to-Use-Photographs-Videos-Testimonials_1.doc (71.5 KB) Form Text
Release Form for Adults - Fillable Photo-Video-Release-Form-Individual-Adult - Fillable_0.docx (64.04 KB) Form Text
Release Form for Photographers - Fillable Photo-Video-Release-Form-Photographer - Fillable.docx (59.24 KB) Form Text
Prequalified Marketing Vendor Application PrequalificationApplication_1.docx (783.98 KB) Application Text
Guide to Working with Master Contractors Guide-to-Master-Contractors_0_0.pdf (2.53 MB) Guide PDF
Master Contract Statement of Work Contract Form Statement-of-Work_0.docx (45.36 KB) Form Text
Master Contract Change Order Form SOW-Change-Order_0_0.docx (45.72 KB) Form Text
Release Form for Minors Photo-Video-Release-Form-Individual-Minor.docx (58.05 KB) Form Text
The Vermont Brand Report CMO-Research-2003The-Vermont-Brand-ONeal-Report_0.pdf (381.03 KB) Research PDF
Web Look and Feel Standard SOV-Web-Look-and-Feel-Standard-2016_0_0.pdf (632.37 KB) Guide PDF
State of Vermont Email Signature Guidance SOV-Email-Signature-Guidance.pdf (146.02 KB) Guide PDF
Release Form for Minors - Fillable Photo-Video-Release-Form-Individual-Minor - Fillable.docx (62.25 KB) Form Text
Vermont Brand Standards and Style Guide VT_Standards_Guidelines_0.pdf (3.84 MB) Guide PDF
Prequalified Marketing Vendors List SOVT_Prequal_vendors_17.pdf (161.76 KB) List PDF
Master Contract Photography Work Request Form SOW-AttachmentA-Photo-Work-Request-Form_0_0.docx (50.63 KB) Form Text
Release Form for Photographers Photo-Video-Release-Form-Photographer.docx (56.52 KB) Form Text
Guide to Writing a Press Release Guide-to-Writing-a-Press-Release_0_0.pdf (601.79 KB) Guide PDF
Vermont Tourism Brand Research VDTM-Research-2010VermontBrandResearchFullReport_0_0.pdf (3.11 MB) Research PDF
Master Contract Media Planning and Buying Project Scope Form SOW-AttachmentA-Media-Buy-Project Scope-Form_0.docx (52.89 KB) Form Text
Marketing Plan Worksheet SOVMarketingPlanSurvey_2-18-21_2.pdf (318.83 KB) Form PDF
Permission to Use Photographs, Videos and/or Testimonials - Fillable Photo-Video-Release-Form-Permission-to-Use-Photographs-Videos-Testimonials - Fillable.docx (59.29 KB) Form Text
Guide to Writing for the Web Writing-for-the-Web-guide.pdf (398.8 KB) Guide PDF
Master Contract Marketing Services Work Request From SOW-AttachmentA-Work-Request-Form_0.docx (55.89 KB) Form Text
Website Content Strategy Guide IA-and-content-audit-guide_0.pdf (359.05 KB) Guide Text
Release Form for Adults Photo-Video-Release-Form-Individual-Adult_2.docx (59.71 KB) Form Text