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Various collateral for the Department of Labor marketing efforts, including tradeshow banners and a job listing card, a magazine ad, and a general poster template.

Prequalified Marketing Vendors

The CMO’s office maintains a list of Prequalified Marketing Vendors for marketing services, so that any state agency can quickly and easily find a vendor for their project. Prequalification is required for a vendor to bid and contract for marketing work with the state. The process ensures a consistent level of quality and provides a mechanism for the oversight of marketing expenditures. This summary of firms is updated monthly.

A prequalified vendor is one who has been determined to be professionally competent to perform a type of work that is routinely put out to bid, such as: 

  • Broadcast / Video Production
  • Copywriting / Editing
  • Creative / Concept Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Event / Sponsorship Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Market Research
  • Market Strategy / Planning
  • Media Planning / Buying
  • Outreach / Public Relations
  • Photography

If you’re interested in soliciting a bid from a vendor who is not on our list, feel free to refer them to our “Become a Prequalified Marketing Vendor” page and encourage them to submit a prequalification application to the CMO’s office. Prequalification applications are accepted at any time. 

If you are preparing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for any marketing services with a contract value over $25,000, please make sure the prequalification requirement is included in your RFP instructions. The CMO’s office can provide the appropriate language if needed. Please allow ample time in your RFP timeline to allow for that process, and be sure to specify if your requirement is for vendors to apply for prequalification, or for vendors to be approved as prequalified, before the RFP deadline. The approval process can take 2-4 weeks at a minimum, so please prepare your RFP timeline accordingly. While prequalification must be approved before a contract can be executed, submission of a complete prequalification application is also an acceptable RFP requirement if a shorter timeline is desired.

If you have a question about our prequalified vendor list, please contact us at or call 802-522-7915.