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Brand Research

What is the 'Vermont brand,' anyway? This is an ongoing conversation at the heart of our work.

To quote from one of the studies below, one way to think about 'what is a brand' is to consider that "... a brand is a set of strong associations people have with a product, place or service. Brands exist in peoples’ minds, not in the product, place or service itself."

Two of the most comprehensive studies that have been conducted over the years to quantify the Vermont brand, include:

  • The 2003 O'Neal Strategy Group "The Vermont Brand" study. This brand review was initiated to develop a brand identity strategy that could be used by all state agencies and departments to promote Vermont. The 'Moon over Mountains' identity still in use today was part of that study, as were the findings that led to the formation of the Chief Marketing Office.
  • The 2010 Resource Systems Group "Opportunities for VT Vacation Providers" study. Conducted in partnership with the Department of Tourism and Marketing and the Vermont Ski Area Association, this research project studied the perceptions of Vermont and how these perceptions affect decision making for visitors choosing a vacation destination.